Working Group Collaborative Care Team in Open Source,
Members and Contributors


Name Country and affiliation Main interest domains and contributions to Telemedicine activities in Open Source
Hans DE RAAD Nederland Voorburg / The Netherlands. OpenNovations and Quality Assurance in the DARQA association,
Luis FALCON Spain Las Palmas GNUHEALTH
Hans EGUIA Spain SEMERGEN, Sociedad Española de Medicos de Attention Primaria , Primary care doctor, webmaster & participant of the IT group of the Spanish GP Medical Association. Master in Telemedicine and in Business Administration.
Speaker and promoter of the Internet use & Telemedicine as an important tool in modern Medicine, not only for GPs, other doctors, but as well for patients. Interested in webdesigning, online/tele education and the development of open source technology for Telemedicine improvement (Teledermatology is a starting project; Tele Public Health is an objective).
Basel, IPATH . Coordination and support of the IPATH System, Telemedicine platform providing healthcare support and education in several specialized areas and operational in developing countries since 2002. For example, isolated small health centers send pathology images and get second opinion from pathology experts across the Internet,
MACKINTOSH Stuart Rugby Founder of OPUSVL, a company providing support services based on Open Source software in UK, including healthcare projects. Member of the APPERTA Foundation, a not-for-profit community interest supported by the NHS.
Tom KANE Edinburgh Running GNUHEALTH on small hardware, the Rasberry
Gustave KARARA Brussels OpenClinic, Open Source Integrated Hospital Information Management System
Rostock. Disseminate knowledge about the benefits and prospects of FLOSS in health care. Coordination of contact in:
LIFOSS, Libre /Free and Open Source Software Working Groups of the EFMI, European Federation for Medical Informatics,
Open Source Health Informatics working group of the IMIA, International Medical Informatics Association.

To build a repository of knowledge about free/libre and open source developments of relevance to the health informatics domain.
Development of an Open Source Market Place
Implications of digital rights management, digital signatures, copyright and intellectual property issues

Alvin MARCELO Asia eHealth Information Network, Manilla National Telehelth Center
Raphael MAREE Liège Project CYTOMINE, analysis of multi-gigapixel images in Open Source
Julius MURKE Bonn OpenHIMIS, Open source Health Insurance Management Information System
Chris PATON Oxford Exploring the potential of Open Source solutions to deliver Clean, Clear Information for Health Service Improvement
Baptiste OMARINI Centre Hospitalier Universitaire , Angers BBEEG, Telemedicine taking care of newborn babies , EEGDiag ,
Vitalii OSTASHKO UA Ukrainian Asssociation of Development IT in Medicine, Ukrainian national member in the ISfTeH
Etienne SALIEZ
Brussels, , Webmaster of , and research on Problem oriented Medical Record; graph models between Observation, Problems and actions; Sharing the patient record between the members of his/her care team;
Problem Based Tele Learning;
Integration of Open Source modules;
Sanjog SIGDEL Kathmandu, , Kathmandu University, Computer Science