Call to Open Source Activities in the Medetel 2018


  • Introduction:
    • Welcome to the MEDETEL on 11-13 April 2018 in Luxembourg.
  • Open Source Pavilion:
    • Demonstrations of several telemedicine systems and informal discussions with visitors, starting from an overview of MEDFLOSS.
    • Join the Open Source pavilion, a large table in the hall of the conference, during the 3 days. Discussions in small groups.
    • Provide posters of your Open Source projects.
  • Presentations of application projects made in Open Source:
    • Presentation of projects to target audiences of people seeking solutions to their needs, as for example shared medical records, education, lab, images processing, nursing, evidence based medicine, etc... in different sessions. The focus is here on the content of telemedicine applications.
    • In order to achieve these projects in an effective way, the advantages of an Open Source approach will be explained, sharing know-how including software source codes with international partners having similar needs.
    • Moreover an overview will be available showing when and where Open Source presentations will take place in different rooms. The title of these presentations should include the words "Open Source".
    • Please send abstracts of your proposals.
  • Open Source Management Issues:
    • A discussion about pure Open Source management issues, regardless of specific application contexts.
    • A list of questions is in preparation. One at a time Open Source issues will be introduced by different persons and followed by discussions. The topics will include issues like shared developments, maintenance, support services, sustainability, resources. Let us know what you see as the most critical issues and which solutions you propose to recommend.
  • ISfTeH Open Source Working Group:
    • Invitation to participate in the permanent Open Source Working Group. The objective is to follow activities through telecommunications during all the year between MEDETEL conferences.
    • Send a summary of your coordinates, your topics of interest and how you would like to contribute to the activities of the Open Source Working group.
    • Every contacts are very welcome. Moreover in principle full working group membership should require membership in the ISfTeH, either as individual member or as member of an organization already registered in the ISfTeH. Free registration for students and nurses.